Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kame Hame What?

Conversation namin ng kaibigan ko sa loob ng classroom, 5 years ago...

Tagalized version.

Ako: Nagustuhan ko biglang manood ng Dragon ball Z. Dati kasi, ayoko do'n.  Biglang nag-Kame... hame... win! *with hand movements.
Precious: Kame hame, ano?
Ako:  Kame hame win.
Precious: Hahaha.
Ako: Hindi yun kame hame win?
Precious: Hindi. Hahaha.
Ako: Ah, Kame... hame... wing?
Precious: Ha?
Ako: Kame hame wing!
Precious: Wahaha. Dili uy! Hindi, ah!
Ako: Kame hame wing with S? Kame hame wingS?
Precious: HAHAHA. Pag sure!
Ako: Unsa man diay? Eh ano ba?
Precious: Kame hame WAVE! Hahaha!
Ako: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Aw. Ah, okay.

Pakapin Sulti. G-in-oogle ko. Kamehameha pala yun? Ang Ha ba means wave? 

Power of ctrl+c and ctrl+v, enter!

 Sabi sa Wiki. answers

- I can't give a definite answer, but I do know that かめ(kame) is Japanese for "turtle". According to Google Translate, かめはめは(kamehameha) means "turtle is fit". Somehow, I can't imagine Goku saying that when attacking his enemies...

Well I can give a definite answer. Kame is, as he said, turtle. But the rest of the phrase, the "hameha" part means destruction wave. So in the end kamehameha means turtle destruction wave, and that IS something I can see goku saying when attacking his enemies.

DragonBall Z is a Japanese show, and the person asking is requesting what it means in the context of the show. Turtle Destruction Wave is the correct interpretation of this. Master Roshi was known as the Turtle Hermit, so its fitting that he would name his blast 'Turtle' anything. Also, the kanji for turtle (kame) is 亀, which is present on the back of Goku's gi through the first part of the series until it is replaced with the kanji for 'heaven'(天). This may seem a random bit of info, but its still relevant to identifying that turtle is realistic reading of the word in any way. 'Ha' is also a way to say wave. I haven't heard many ways to say destruction, but 'hame' can be read as supremacy, giving the word a possible reading of 'Turtle Supremacy Wave.'

Ah, okay. Thanks


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